A little bit about me

I have been painting and drawing for as long as I remember. My first formal training took place in the then-USSR when as a teenager, I attended some classes run by a very academically minded young tutor. The class was set a typically academic task - usually a still-life. The lesson was always focused on the fundamentals of drawing, with rigorous training in structure, symmetry, the correct watercolour technique. At other times, we painted plein air. Some figure drawing was introduced later on, but by then my family migrated to Sydney.

I studied art in high school, and painted for my High School Certificate. Continuing painting whenever I could, I engaged in more “serious” university study, and continued my involvement in academia for some time with the completion of a Doctorate in Sociology. I embarked on a career in social services, involving work with couples and families, and furthered my study in Psychology.

While I had undertaken summer courses through UNSW and informal classes here and there, art was something done during Christmas holidays. However it is something that had always remained something I needed to come back to for creative replenishment and expression. To paraphrase Van Gogh, making art makes me feel truly alive.

The new chapter in my life as an artist (amongst the many other things I am and do) is the creation of new ways to promote my new work.